Amys Left surf break South Sumatra

Location:Krui beach Sumatra
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:NE to SE
Best Swell:SW
Dangers:Shallow reef
Recent Info:

General surf information

Amy‘s Left is located out front of Amy‘s Place, it's one of the places seldom surfed in the past but has been "re-discovered" now that the main breaks in the area have become overcrowded. A fast hollow short wave that ends on the reef. Breaks on the same swell as the main breaks Krui Left, Krui Right and The Peak.


From Krui head to Double-C cafe on the beach, then follow the road south. You will see Amy‘s Villas on the right. The break is right out front of Amy‘s. From Tanjung Setia it is a 1/2 hr scooter ride to Krui.

 If your driving from Tanjung Setia you can avoid driving through the traffic of Krui town. There is a quieter road to Krui beach, just before Krui look out for the Darussalam sign, after the sign take the next left turn.

Darussalam sign Krui Darussalam sign before Krui
 Avoid Krui traffic turn here

You can ask to park at Amy‘s Villas.