Honey Smacks surf break South Sumatra

Location:Walur village.
Access:Paddle out.
Best Wind:N to E
Best Swell:S to SW
Dangers:Jagged shallow reef
Recent Info:

General surf information

Honey Smacks can vary from a steep heavy surf break with a fast left hand barrel to a wave manageable by intermediate surfers and bodyboarders. Holds 1.2 to 3 mtrs and is a favourite with bodyboarders who don´t mind a vertical drop from the lip.

The beach area at Honey Smacks is a beautiful place, you can easily spend the day here just hanging out and watching the surf in the shade of the coconut palms.

Parking at Honey Smacks Sumatra Luciano Rodriques Aug 2019
Beach at Honey Smacks Sumatra Swell below average, the company great ~ 2017.


1.5 by car and up to 1.45 hr drive by scooter north west of Krui near Walur village South Sumatra. The trip to Honey Smacks is easiest with a driver hired for the day (car and driver IDR 500,000 2017 .. seats 4), its a long way on a scooter. The trip is scenic, the road following the coastline with many small bays and rocky headlands. There are other breaks before you reach Honey Smacks so its worth checking out some of the beaches and bays if you have the time.

While your in the area you should drive around the headland and check out Jenny's Right, Jimmy's Right and Jimmy's Left.

Paddling out

Paddle out is straight forward. If your surfing with an outgoing tide you will be taken out with the current from the creek.

Parking at Honey Smacks Sumatra An amazing place to hang-out for the day.
Beach at Honey Smacks Sumatra 2017 Beach Honey Smacks 2017