Mandiri Beach a challenge for the entrepreneur

Mandiri beach is a south west facing beach, a wild place where mother nature rules. Take a walk along this beach and you will find the ruins of many a business that found the constant howling winds and wild oceans too much of a challenge.

In February 2007 a huge storm hit the coast an event that local residents said was repeated every decade. The last such event hit in May of 2016 and though the swell was not huge combined with historically high tides many coastal areas took a beating.

Bambu Loseman 2019 Once was Bambu Loseman ~ 2019
Mandiri Beach Club number One The old Mandiri Beach club

The Mandiri Beach Club learned from their experience and moved to a new location further north. However others continued development even with the ocean already lapping against their door steps.

Cabana Surf and Stay closed Has Cabana Surf and Stay closed it's doors ?
Cabana Surf and Stay Nov 2019 Cabana Surf & Stay. 1mtr swell nov 2019

The following years have seen continued beach erosion and local officials ceased issuing licenses for development of ‘permanent’ structures withing 100 mtrs of the high tide mark.

The old Mandiri Beach Club ~ 2019
Mandiri Beach Lamoung Sumatra 3mtr swell Mandiri Beach 2016

Even with the remnants of so many dreams scattered along this stretch of beach there is always a new dreamer arriving with optimism and a willingness to battle mother nature to secure their slice of paradise .

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight,
and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

~ Oscar Wilde