WSL brings crowds to South Sumatra ?

The South Coast of Sumatra has seen a steady increase in crowds since it hit the surf destination map in the 90's. Each year dozens of surf camps and losman open for business, during peak season some of the major breaks can get crowded.

But speaking with local business owners it seems that the arrival of the WSL (Word Surf League) Krui Pro did not create the predicted increase in visitors to the area.

Perhaps the crowds at the major breaks should be attributed to:

  1. The increased mobility of surfers now that getting from Krui to Tanjung Setia is an easy 30 min scooter ride on paved roads.
  2. Everyone and their dog knows when the conditions are good at all the surf breaks due to Social Media.
  3. There are many more vans and drivers ready to ferry loads of surfers to the surf break with the best conditions.

Local surfers feel the days of uncrowded surf are already over but it's a convenience to place the blame on a 3rd party like the WSL ... its more likely the breaks crowded because of improvements in mobility and the narcissistic nature of Social Media.

What does this mean for surfers ?

If you: are in the area to surf waves under 1.5 mtrs and don't like hassling for waves then you are going to need some patience and a decent level of surfing skill.

If you: are in the area to surf Ujung Bocur, Way Jambu and Jimmy's at 1.8 mtrs plus then you are still going to score waves with only a few in the water.

Way Jambu 2017 Joaquin Maugere surfs Way Jambu ~ Sept 2017
Jimmys Right 2017 Jimmy's Right solid, no crowds ~ Sept 2017