2020 surf the season of lockdown

2020 will be a year that few will forget.

Around the globe people have struggled to maintain their lives, business and employment. For many westeners it has been a first hand experience of what it is like to live in a Police State, where freedom of speech is muzzled and dissenting opinion could get you arrested.

Local guests save businesses

For the businesses in the Krui area reliant on international surfers it has been a hard season with only a few surfers from Bali venturing to the area. Many businesses have reassessed their reliance on international guests while others have been grateful for the support of their local visitors.

We are not all equal

For those surfers used to the freedoms of overseas travel and adventure it has been a time of waiting and wishing that we were Kelly Slater who rocked up in Bali to enjoy some surf at the height of COVID-19 pandemic.

The old weather pattern returning ?

Through it all nature continues its cycles. The weather from December 2019 onward bought wetter conditions than the previous 2 years with low pressure systems hanging off the Southwest Coast of Sumatra. These systems continued to prevail through the dry season with variable winds making for unreliable surf conditions.

Lovina Krui Surf 2020 We wish you were here ! ~ Lovina Krui Surf
Lovina Krui Surf 2020 Just to remind you why you go to Sumatra

Forecast La Niña arrives in September

The forecast of a La Niña event developing has now been declared a reality. We will have to wait and see if these conditions lead to a normal wet season followed by an on schedule 2021 dry season with solid trade winds.

One thing is for sure the local farmers of Sumatra and everyone else could do with a little bit of normal.