Travel insurance for surfers & adventurers

I am not going to go into the why you should or should not get travel insurance. Instead I am going to tell you a short story.

In September 2014 after a year of hell working shitty jobs I had finally saved enough money to head off on my big surf adventure, leaving the beaten track and exploring the unsurfed areas of the South Coast of Sumatra.

Adventure South Sumatra One of the many bays on the way to Jennys Point
Jimmys Right Surf Sumatra Jimmys Right Sumatra ~ July 2017

In over 30 years of travel all across the globe I never had an accident, never missed a flight never had anything stolen. On day 10 of my big adventure my 30 year lucky streak run out when a disastrous accident bought my dream to an abrupt end.

I'd still rather not think about all the things that might go wrong on my next adventure. I still believe "Attitude equals altitude", but I now also know that things can and do happen... and not just to other people.

  Warning graphic image. Want to see the injury that ended my trip ? click to see injury

Read your Insurance policy

  Not all Travel Insurance covers adventurous activities, so it's absolutely necessary to take the time to read the policy wording carefully. Ensure the activities you will participate in are covered by your policy and be aware what documentation is required when lodging a claim.