Travel Insurance for surfers

In over 30 years of adventures all across the globe I never had an accident, missed a flight, had anything stolen and never had to make a claim on my Travel Insurance. I listened to the tales of woe from other travelers. I never realized how lucky I was.

Well it's true “luck always runs out”. In Sept 2014 only 10 days into a 2 month surf expedition an accident bought my dream trip to an abrupt end.

I'd rather not think about all the things that might go wrong on my trips. I believe “Attitude equals altitude”, but I now know that things can and do happen ... and not just to other people.

Adventure South Sumatra I couldn't surf so became the camera man
Ujung Bocur 2016 Midtide Ujung Bocur ~ 2014

Is Travel Insurance really worth it?

I usually tough things out by myself, don't like to ask for assistance but this time I was so relieved to get some help.

Financially my Travel Insurance covered:

  • Trip cancellation costs
  • Cost to resume the trip later !
  • Medical costs

So yes for me travel insurance was worth every cent. For the quality of service, the support and the hassle free claim process I will always be grateful to the World Nomads Emergency Support team.

Read your policy

  Not all Travel Insurance covers adventurous activities, so it's absolutely necessary to take the time to read the policy wording carefully. Ensure the activities you will participate in are covered by your policy and be aware what documentation is required when lodging a claim.

  ! Warning graphic image ! Want to see the injury that ended my trip ? click to see injury