Whats in the Krui & Tanjung Setia area.

Krui and Tanjung Setia are located in a large agricultural area, towns and villages service the local community of rice farmers, fisherman and farmers of the Damar agroforest. Tourism is not a primary industry only small pockets are developed and visited mostly by travelers from Bandar Lampung and international surfers.

You will not find a Bali style tourist experience here, no Mc DonaldĀ“s, Starbucks, Burger Kings, air-conditioned shopping centers or markets filled with tourist trinkets. What you will find is an amazing coastline of sandy beaches and coconut palms nestled at the base of the Bukit Barisan National Park.

Mandiri beach South Sumatra Mandiri beach ~ 2016
Biha South Sumatra Biha South West Coast Sumatra

Tanjung Setia

Tanjung Setia has a few small stores, a local market on Wednesday. A surf board repair shop, surf accommodation and fully equipped gym at Tanjung Setia beach.


Biha is a small village next to Tanjung Setia, it has an Indomart, Pharmacy, Medical clinic, scooter mechanic, a few cloths shops.


Krui has many small stores and a large market, ATM machines at Bank Lampung & Bank BRI (Mastercard only), basic medical clinic and a surf shop with very limited supplies. Read more on Krui ...

Krui town South Sumatra Krui town Lampung, Sumatra
Krui town Marlin monument Marlin monument in Krui

Here there is no defined tourist map to follow, no schedule to keep, no postcards to buy and send home. The day often closes with a strange feeling that an unchartered exploration has occurred and that it could occur again tomorrow.