Surf & travel Krui South Sumatra

Searching for that special surf travel destination far from the ‘packaged deal’ and maddening crowds of Bali. Nestled at the base of the Bukit Barisan National Park centered around the seaside town of Krui is 250 kilometers of undeveloped and unspoiled South West Sumatra coastline ready, to be explored by the more adventurous surfers and travelers.

The local people are modest, inquisitive and incredibly friendly. The surf is consistent, the water clean the crowds away from the main surf breaks almost zero.

Armed with your surfboard and a smile the coast of Lampung province is the classic location for the ultimate surf adventure.

Children of South Sumatra Meeting the local children of South Sumatra.
The perfect surfing coastline 200km of perfect surfing coastline.

Why surf the Krui area of South West Sumatra?

Only a small 50km stretch of the South West Sumatra Coast has been well explored by surfers. Surf accommodation at Tanjung Setia beach is only a short stroll to the 200mtr long surf break of Ujung Bocur and a short scooter ride to Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline), Mandiri Beach and Biha.

Hire a little automatic scooter for AUD $7 a day and you can now surf, Way Jambu, Biha, Mandiri Beach, The peak and all other major surf breaks. Take your scooter or hire a car and driver for the day and you can surf Honey Smacks, Jennys Point, Jimmys and beyond. Take the 45 min boat ride to Pulau Pisang (Banana Island) to explore the island's breaks or enjoy some snorkeling.

The Peak surf break Sumatra The Peak surf break
Jimmy's surf break Sumatra Jimmy's Right ~ July 2017

Whats in the krui Tanjung Setia area ?

Looking for a fullon daytime shopping experience then this may not be the destination for you, no Mc DonaldĀ“s, Starbucks or air-conditioned shopping centers. There are small Indomarts but don't expect to find such items as sunblock, postcards or tourist items in the local markets.

 There are plans to extend the Krui Pekon Serai Airport runway to accommodate small jets by 2018.

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