Sumatra Travel and Surf Articles

Whether your a tourist or surfer we hope that our travel and surf articles provide you with some interesting insights and information for planning your next adventure to South Sumatra.

2020 surf season - lockdown

2020 will be a year that few will forget. Around the globe people have struggled to

Local guest Tanjung Setia 2020

A successful surf trip to South Sumatra

What does it take to make your surf trip to South Sumatra a success. Be prepared don't leave it to chance

Ujung Bocur surfing 2016

Exploring surf beyond Krui & Tanjung Setia

There is no doubt that the South Sumatra coast still remains a destination for the more adventurous

Way Jambu South Sumatra

Whats in the Krui & Tanjung Setia area.

Krui and Tanjung Setia are located in a large agricultural area, towns and villages service the ...

Honey Smacks South Sumatra

Traveling from Jakarta to South Sumatra

Flying from the Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Bandar Udara Radin Inten II Airport is definately the most common way to arrive in Sumatra.

Traveling Bandar Lampung to Krui

Located on the hillside of Lampung Bay, Bandar Lampung is the largest city in Lampung province and remains the gateway to Sumatra.

Bandar Lampung City

Poor surf and cold water end 2019

Poor quality surf and cooler water temperatures on the Sumatra coast close the 2019 surf season

Krui Left end of season 2019

Surf trip to Pulau Pisang

Not many surfers can say they have visited Banana Island off the coast of Krui in South Sumatra, even less

Pulau Pisang South Sumatra

Nanung - Craftsman and artist

Return travelers will remember Nanung's original Ding Repair shop nestled amongst the coconut palms.

Nanung Ding Repairs South Sumatra

A look at Krui town

Servicing the local community of farmers and fisherman the town is a collection of utilitarian shops

Krui town Lampung South Sumatra

Surfing Krui South Sumatra

Every year it becomes more difficult for the surfer or traveler to find that special destination.

Tanjung Setia South Sumatra

WSL brings crowds to Krui ?

The recent arrival of the WSL has seen a radical change to Tanjung Setia & Krui

Crowded surf at Krui Left South Sumatra

Travel insurance for adventurers

Not all Travel Insurance covers adventurous activities. Accidents can happen, make sure your covered

Nana Gapero photographer

Nana gapero one of the few Surf Guide / Photographers in the Krui area. A selection of his work

Nana Gapero surf photographer South Sumatra

Battling nature at Mandiri Beach

The wild ocean and winds at Mandiri beach prove a challenge for many an entrepreneur.

Beach errosion at Mandiri Sumatra